A choice of more than 40 popular software packages that you could install with only a click

With DatotaHost, you’ll be able to take advantage of an unbelievably useful tool for installing over 40 different PHP–based applications with a mere mouse click. Our Applications Installer is designed by our developers to run with minimum effort on your end and to give you maximum results. With merely a few mouse clicks, you can create your new personal weblog, web store, photo gallery, forum, etc. and publish it to the World Wide Web under your own site name.

You can find the Applications Installer in the Site Control Panel that comes with DatotaHost’s Linux web hosting service packages, semi-dedicated hosting service, VPS servers and dedicated servers.

Zero special expertise needed

Our Applications Installer features an intuitive interface for installing your personal diary, online photo gallery or community–focused web portal. You do not need to take care of any manual installation or script configuration assignments. Simply pick the web application of your preference and fill in the name of your web site and the tool will install it within several seconds. And since the applications offer you a remarkably easy way to take your site content online, you’ll be able to upload your image files, text files and video clips online with a simple click.

Moreover, the applications are frequently updated to their newest versions and are working just perfectly on our web hosting system.

Quick administration

Once your app is installed online, you’ll get immediate access to its administrative area and will be able to begin uploading new website content and to make modifications at any given time. The administrative details, including the login URL and the admin password, are saved in the Control Panel, so you’ll be able to see them whenever you need to.

In case, for any reason, you do not need the installed web app any longer, you can deactivate it with merely a mouse click from our Control Panel. You don’t need to erase all the files manually.

Choose your application at signup

With us, you can have a web app of your choosing pre–installed in your hosting account during the signup process. On the signup page, just select the web app of your preference from the drop–down list and it will be instantly installed for you. This way, you’ll have a brand new Wordpress or Joomla website published to the Internet before you even log into your Linux web hosting service or semi-dedicated servers account!

Right after you have logged in, you can use our 1–click Applications Installer to install additional web applications for any other domain name or sub–domain name in your account. You can pick from more than 40 web applications.